To Submit Music to Creators Music Please Click Here and Follow The Instructions on The Form. After Submitting The Form, We Will Take a Look and Check the Music out. If We Like What We See or Encounter any Problems We Will Contact You via Email. Usually We Will Respond Within 24 Hours and Will Have Your Music Up on YouTube within 7 days and other Platforms within 20 days (Usually 14 days) of being released on YouTube. Other Platforms include but are not restricted to: Spotify, Google Play Music,  iTunes and Apple Music. This Process is done automatically through our Aggregator. We Will Send You the Links Once This is Done. If You Do Not Want Your Music Posted on Any of These Platforms Please Contact Us. We Also Offer To Pay Up To 40% of The Royalties Earned By Your Submissions on These Platforms. To Learn More Contact Us. This is Generally Done via PayPal or Internet Banking. Once You Have Released Music Through Us We Will Invite You To Our Discord Server as An Honorary Artist.

We Will Visualize Your Music With Our Visualizer and if Requested We Will Send You A copy of the video file. An Example of what this may look like is provided below:

By Releasing Your Music with Creators Music Your Music Will Be On The Following Stores:

Thank You For Considering Creators Music To Release Your Music

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We also Offer Artist Signing. This is Recommended for Artists Who Wish To Release Multiple Tracks With Us. To Become A Signed Artist Please Click Here and Fill Out The Form. For More Information Please Feel Free to Contact Our Submissions Department at The Link For The Artist Signing Form is Below.

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