Creators Music is an independent electronic music label that is based in Kaitaia, New Zealand and is committed to providing our customers with the best customer service and the best music. We currently employ 4 people. The Majority of our Music is "Non-Copyright", This allows our Customers to be able to use Our Music in Their Online Creations. The Reason for This is that Our Staff Are Experienced YouTube and Twitch Creators. We Know How Difficult it Can Be To Find Music For Videos and Live Streams. This is one of the main reasons Why We Founded Creators Music on The 13th of June 2017. Since Founding Creators Music We Have Been able to Publish and Handle Music From Many Different Artists (even on of our own Staff Members) from Many Different Countries (The Majority of Which is Non-Copyright). Currently We Support Use of Our Non-Copyright Music on YouTube and Twitch. To Use Our Music on Other Platforms and/or Commercially Please Contact Us.

We Release Official Releases on Various Platforms e.g. Spotify and iTunes. This is Done Through Our Aggregator( and is done up to 20 days from Release on YouTube. More about This Can Be Found on The Submit Page.

Music Usage

You Are Free To Use Any Music We Upload on YouTube Unless Otherwise Specified by Us. There are Certain Rules That Must Be Followed When Using Our Non-Copyright Music. To Learn What These Are and To See What To Do If You Get A Content ID Notice From Using Our Non-Copyright Music, Please Visit This Page.

Copyright Information

This website, Our logo and All of the original images associated with Creators Music are copyrighted. Do not reproduce or use them without permission.

The Image For Twitch Streamers However Copyrighted is Free to Use for the purpose of declaring Creators Music’s Music in Twitch Streams. Do Not use this image for any other purpose.

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