If you wish to contact us here at Creators Music about any matter related to our music and our business. Use the form or contact numbers or email addresses below and we will get back to you within 3 business days.

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US Support Phone Number: (323) 484-7289

NZ Support Number: 027 2640008

International Support Number: +64 27 2640008

You Can Text Any of These Numbers for Added Convenience

Contact Our Departments Directly

Customer Service Department: contact@creatorsmusic.net

Music Submissions Department: submit@creatorsmusic.net

Music Licensing Department: licensing@creatorsmusic.net

Creators Music Staff Contact:

Tim B: tim@creatorsmusic.net (CEO, Music Manager, and Advertising and PR Manager)

Dan LR: dan@creatorsmusic.net (Secretary to the CEO and Assistant Music Manager)

Leighton 'Cypher' C: cypher@creatorsmusic.net (YouTube Channel Manager)

JT 'Report Meh Cuz' R: reportmehcuz@creatorsmusic.net (Assistant YouTube Channel Manager)