You Are Permitted To Use Any Music We Upload in Your UGC Unless Otherwise Specified

However, Due To Copyright and Other Legal Reasons You Must Adhere to Certain Rules When Using Our Music.

These Rules are:

To Use In YouTube Videos and YouTube Live Streams: Please Copy and Paste The Relevant Information From The Description of Our Video To Your Description

To Use In Twitch Live Streams: Please Create A Panel On Your Stream With This Image Included In It.
This Image

The Image Can Be Downloaded From Here

For More help with using our music on Twitch go Here

If you fail to adhere to these rules you may be breaking copyright laws in most countries and your content may be subject to copyright strikes/flagging.

For more information feel free to Contact Us at

If You Get Content ID Notices From Using Our Official Releases (We Only Control These) Please Let Us Know, and We Will Attempt To Sort Out The Problem. Please Provide Screenshots of The Notice and/or email Sent When Doing This. If You Get Content ID Notices From Any Other of Our Other Uploads, It Is Likely That We Got One Too. However, Please Forward This To The Label or Artist That is Mentioned In The Description of Our YouTube Video of the Track. The Contact Email Adresses For The Main Labels We Use Are Provided.

Email NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) -

Email Ninety9Lives -


  • UGC: (User Generated Content) This refers to any content made by users not affliated with the original source (e.g. Creators Music). In this case it refers to YouTube videos and live streams and Twitch live streams. It may also include content on other online or offline sources.